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Paralegal Support Services

Beginning with the initial case assessment, fact investigation, and client and witness interviews to conducting legal research, drafting pleadings and discovery documents to assisting with trial preparation and attendance at trial, Avan Paralegal Services, LLC can provide you with all of your paralegal support needs!  

Case Assessment and Discovery:

  • Fact investigation
  • Interview client(s) and witness(es)
  • Draft discovery requests and responses
  • Review, organize, bates stamp and index documents produced through discovery


  • Request copies of deposition, hearing, and trial transcripts
  • Review and summarize deposition, hearing, and trial transcripts

Medical Summaries:

  • Draft authorization and request to medical facility to obtain medical records
  • Prepare and maintain spreadsheet of medical records requested and follow up with medical facility as needed
  • Review, summarize, and prepare chronology of medical records


  • Assist in drafting complaints, answers and motions


  • Prepare hearing, mediation, and trial notebooks
  • Prepare witness and exhibit lists
  • Exhibit preparation and organization
  • Prepare jury instructions and motions in limine
  • Provide assistance at trial

Legal Research:

  • Jury Verdict searches
  • Lexis-Nexis
  • Westlaw
  • Internet and public record investigations

Administrative Procedures:

  • Legal document preparation
  • Court docket searches and retrieval of documents - state and federal
  • Electronic filing - state and federal
  • Schedule court hearings, depositions, and appointments
  • Mobile notary services ($1.00 fee per document plus mileage)
  • Prepare PowerPoint presentations 
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